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April, 2024


Putting Psychological Safety Into Leadership Context

Psychological safety is where people can brainstorm, voice half-finished thoughts, openly challenge, share feedback, and work through disagreements.

You Can Say NO

While you don’t want to be known as a “no” person, you do want to be seen as a team player. That makes the situation difficult.

The MOR Hardware Store for Life

Do you crave a transformative experience? Do you want to take a quantum leap? Step right this way; MOR Hardware has you covered.

Handling the Gift of Negative Feedback

If you’re like me, you dwell on feedback or deviations from your meticulous plans. A single negative comment can overshadow a plethora of positive.

Be Kind. Rewind.

Starting at Blockbuster video as a video store clerk I decided at age 17 I wasn’t cut out for management. Then some things happened.