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September, 2015


5 Myths About Introverts and Extroverts

Adam Grant, in a recent blog post, 5 Myths About Introverts and Extroverts, debunks five strongly held beliefs about introverts.  Grant has been recognized as Wharton’s top-rated teacher for four straight years, as one of the world’s top 40 business professors under 40, and as one of HR’s most influential international thinkers.  He is the author […]

Brave is Good/Prepared is Better – Networking is Good/Investing is Better – Lessons are Good/Change is Better

As I sit here before our last dinner and day together as a formal group, I remember our first day together and my inherent skepticism about whether this program would be much different from other leadership programs. I seem to have neglected the obvious difference between one week long leadership programs and eight month long […]

If You Want People to Listen, Stop Talking

Today’s Tuesday Reading, “If You Want People to Listen, Stop Talking,” comes from the pen of Peter Bregman and appeared in the Harvard Business Review blog on May 25, 2015.  Bergman is CEO of Bergman Partners, a company that strengthens leadership in people and organizations through programs, consulting, and coaching.  He is also author of […]

From Annual Performance Reviews To Weekly Check-Ins

Over the past few weeks, a number of articles about performance reviews and performance management have made it to my inbox.  Some of these are listed as references below. Most universities, and most businesses for that matter, have annual employee rating systems that, through a process of evaluating the individual, assign to him or her […]

Life Balance

Today’s Tuesday Reading, Life Balance, is an essay by Jenn Stringer, Associate CIO, Academic Engagement and Director of Educational Technology Services at the University of California Berkeley.  Jenn is also a recent MOR Leaders Program alumnus.  Her essay first appeared as a program reflection last winter. We gave quite a bit of time and lip […]

Worth Repeating

The August 25, 2015 Tuesday Reading When Your Whisper Is Heard As A Shout

The Balance of Planning and Spontaneity

Today’s Tuesday Reading, The Balance of Planning and Spontaneity – What We Can Learn From Bilbo Baggins’s Journey Through Mirkwood, comes from the pen of David Kaplan – writer, software developer, and all around thinker of wacky thoughts.  It was published on in their Life Hack: Your Story, Experience, etc. blog which shares the […]