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December, 2012


Success Will Come and Go, But Integrity is Forever

The Tuesday Reading today is “Success Will Come and Go, But Integrity is Forever”, an essay by Amy Rees Anderson which appeared recently in Forbes.  Anderson is the Managing Partner and Founder of REES Capital which provides entrepreneurs and business executives critical guidance and support to help their companies grow.  Previously, she founded and managed number of […]

6 Exercises To Strengthen Compassionate Leadership

Today’s Tuesday Reading is “6 Exercises To Strengthen Compassionate Leadership” and was written by Andrew Newberg, an M.D. and author, who with Mark Robert Waldman has written the book “Words Can Change Your Brain.”  Newberg is also Director of Research at the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Medical […]

How Being Unreachable Makes Me More Productive

The essay “How Being Unreachable Makes Me More Productive” comes from a Craig Jarrow post to the blog.  Jarrow is author of Time Management Ninja. Chris Jarrow has a secret:  He’s not always reachable.  And, he gets a lot more done because of it.  He notes, importantly, that our communication devices, as important as they are, are not there so […]