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May, 2020


We heard your feedback + growth

We heard your feedback + growth [Today’s Tuesday Reading is by Dr. David Sweetman, MOR Associates Leadership Coach and Consultant.  David may be reached at [email protected].] How our world has changed in the past three months!  We at MOR, like the rest of the world, have been working diligently and thinking strategically in adapting to our […]

Tuesday Reading feedback analysis

[This analysis is by Dr. David Sweetman, MOR Associates Leadership Coach and Consultant.  David may be reached at [email protected].] In February, 2020, we sought feedback from the audience of MOR Tuesday Readings.  It was a time of transition as Jim Bruce began to lessen the frequency of his Tuesday Reading contributions.  True to MOR form, […]

Bullies and Bullying

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Jim Bruce, Senior Fellow and Executive Coach at MOR Associates. He previously was Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Vice President for Information Systems and CIO at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. He may be reached at [email protected].] I had not thought much about these two words – bullies and bullying […]

Of Leadership, iPads, and Community

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Jim Dezieck, MOR Associates Leadership Coach and Henry Gabriel, Associate Director of Finance, University Information Technology Services at Indiana University. They may be reached at [email protected] or [email protected].] The photograph above answers the question: ‘how do we measure value?’ The joyful smile of a newly celebrated centenarian connecting from her nursing home room […]


[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brian McDonald, President of MOR Associates.  Brian may be reached at [email protected].] During the past three weeks we at MOR have had the opportunity to hear from more than 500 leaders across higher education on the lessons learned from these eventful last eight weeks. This was an extraordinary time when universities […]