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October, 2007


How to Make Nice

In “How to Make Nice,” Susan Cramm addresses the issue of influencing others.  She begins by noting that “Getting others to do what you want them to do because they want to do it is the ultimate test of leadership skill.”  Cramm then focuses on rebuilding relationships that have been damaged — who hasn’t gotten themselves […]

Web Rage: Why It Happens, What it Costs, How to Stop

In “Web Rage:  Why It Happens, What it Costs, How to Stop” authors Daniel Goleman and Clay Sinsky point out that most forms of electronic commnication – i.e, email, IM, and telephony – cannot provide those subtle, mainly non-verbal clues that help us form our interactions in those conversations.  Without these signals we may speak (or […]

The Power of Persuasion

In “The Power of Persuasion“, Susan Cramm  Cramm argues that persuading and inspiring others starts with your character and credibility which you have established through personal interactions.  She believes that effective leaders get things done through others and, in doing so, are able to create a powerful role for themselves, their organizations and technology.   In […]