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July, 2007


Five Bad Habits to Lose on the Road to Success

In  “Five Bad Habits to Lose on the Road to Success“,  John Baldoni highlights several bad habits — from Marshall Goldsmith’s newest book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There — that leaders need to abandon: •  Stop winning too much. We all want it our way, but sometimes it does not add value to […]

Total Leadership

In “Total Leadership” <>, Patricia Wallington, former CIO at Xerox, discusses a topic, conflict and confrontation, that makes most of us very uncomfortable.  She begins by noting that confrontation is a regular feature of IT.  She then asserts that IT leaders must become experts in the art of confrontation.  Her approach has seven steps —    […]

Becoming a Change Leader

In this piece, Becoming a Change Leader, May 8, 2007 CIO  <>,  Maya Townsend, founder and principal consultant of Partnering Resources, introduces four key factors which she argues are crucial to successful change initiatives: 1.  Active, committed leadership — if you are not committed why should your staff commit? 2.  A clear, compelling business (not technical) […]

Soft Skills for CIOs and Aspiring CIOs: Four Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Today’s reading focuses on Emotional Intelligence, a topic discussed in the leader’s program.  In this piece —  “Soft Skills for CIOs and Aspiring CIOs:  Four Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence“, or <>, Diann Daniel argues that soft skills and emotional intelligence are must haves for IT leaders and workers today.  As she notes and as been identified by […]