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Becoming a Change Leader

| July 18, 2007

by Jim Bruce

In this piece, Becoming a Change Leader, May 8, 2007 CIO  <>,  Maya Townsend, founder and principal consultant of Partnering Resources, introduces four key factors which she argues are crucial to successful change initiatives:

1.  Active, committed leadership — if you are not committed why should your staff commit?

2.  A clear, compelling business (not technical) case for change — why is this change important for your clients now?

3.  A focus on embedded, and not programmatic, change — how can you move the change from the flavor-of-the-month variety to one embedded into your organization’s basic fabric?

4.  Employee participation — how can you engage staff in both planning and implementing the changes.

Townsend notes that even though change is at the forefront of an IT leaders responsibilities, only seven percent are confident of their change management skills.  

Included in the paper are four sets of “Yes-No” questions that you can use to gauge your readiness for change.


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