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October, 2012


Are You an Introverted Boss?

The Tuesday Reading today, “Are You an Introverted Boss?”, comes from the pen of a confessed introvert, Douglas Conant, President and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company. As an introvert, Conant enjoys being by himself, he needs quiet time to be alone with his thoughts and recharge, yet his job requires him to be “out […]

Don’t Sabotage Yourself

The Tuesday Reading today is “Don’t Sabotage Yourself” by Susan David, founder and co-director of the Harvard/McLean Institute of Coaching.  She is also a member of the Harvard faculty.  This essay appeared in the HBR blog. The essay begins with David telling a story about her friend first identifying a dream job and then not applying […]

How to Become a Better Communicator

Today’s reading “How to Become a Better Communicator” comes from the pen of Bob Kantor and apeard at   (Note, the original title had the words “with your IT staff” appended but the article really apples to everyone.)  Kantor is an IT management coach and consultant, specializing in improving IT leadership effectiveness. The article makes […]

10 Rules for getting things done

The Tuesday Reading this week is “10 Rules for getting things done” by Jacques Horovitz, Professor Emeritus of Service Strategy, Marketing, and Management at IMD. Professor Horovitz writes “Successful execution at an organizational level depends almost entirely on each individual manager executing his or her part promptly and efficiently.”  Here are ten rules that he has found […]

One Thing Employees Need (But Rarely Get)

The Tuesday Reading today is “One Thing Employees Need (But Rarely Get)”.  Today’s reading, was written by Jeff Haden who says that he learned much of what he knows about business and technology by working his way up in the manufacturing industry and by ghostwriting for smart leaders, and appeared in Inc. Haden makes a very […]