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March, 2019


Your Addiction

… to Your Smartphone ad·dic·tion ––  the compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance, thing, or activity.   As individuals in today’s society we have become addicted to our smartphones. We are at a loss when it isn’t in our hand, on our person, out of sight, etc. And, the research is clear, for all […]

Becoming Influential

Leaders must be men and women who influence others to enable them to become more effective. In her essay Five Principles to Follow If You Want to Influence Others,1 Amy Glass, writes “No matter your role, influence is key to solving problems and making things happen. … [T]his means persuading people to help you affect change, […]

Game Changer

At MOR Associates, we provide a platform upon which leaders take their leadership abilities to the next level, to up their game.  We provide a design and a set of experiences that support people in making sustainable improvements in their behavior as leaders. Of the several thousand participants in MOR Leadership related programs, although we […]

Why Should We Ask Questions?

Kids ask questions in order to learn about the world in which they live. And, sometimes they will answer their own question to show-off what they know – for example, my great-granddaughter holding out a stuffed rabbit and saying “rabbit” – and sometimes they want you to tell them. As they grow older, their questions […]