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Goals & Practices


The Leadership Toolset

What leadership tools do you rely on? What new tools do you need to add? What could you practice with others for compounding returns?

Take a Leap!

February 29 – it’s a whole extra day – how will you be intentional and strategic in spending it?

Getting Back to “Normal”

What happens when we return to work and haven’t kept up with our habits? Get back to normal as quickly as you can. This was challenging.

I Resolve in 2024

It’s two days into 2024 and most of us who made New Year’s resolutions still remember them. Some 45% of Americans typically make New Year’s resolutions with 9% of them achieving their goals.

The Edge of a Comfort Zone

It is often the input and encouragement of others that help us nudge or sustain a move out of our comfort zones.

Finding Balance, Sustaining Progress

I am grateful for how my cohort and coaches have helped me to look inward, an honest look at myself and my mindset. It has been transformative.

Meditations on My Weekly Planning

I used to dread Mondays – a chaotic chorus of demands from every direction. After our first workshop, I decided to start a weekly planning practice.

Dueling Identities

July 3, 1776, they considered themselves British citizens. The next day, they declared themselves independent Americans. What a shift in identity.

Conserving Willpower is Not Easy

It is hard for me to keep a New Year’s Resolution. Why is that? We have a limited supply of willpower and need to best use it.

You 2.0 Could Be on the Horizon

Think about your Desired Future State. Don’t settle, have it really be a transformation. This is your 2.0 “version” you should set sight on.