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Putting Psychological Safety Into Leadership Context

Psychological safety is where people can brainstorm, voice half-finished thoughts, openly challenge, share feedback, and work through disagreements.

Handling the Gift of Negative Feedback

If you’re like me, you dwell on feedback or deviations from your meticulous plans. A single negative comment can overshadow a plethora of positive.

Leadership – The Awakening Seed of Transformation

Let me tell you a story. As a young person and well into my teens, I was severely introverted. I was afraid of my own shadow…until that day.

10 Years of MOR: What Are You Still Serving?

I have been a MOR graduate for ten years! My cohort created a menu. I started reflecting on what I still serve off that menu ten years later.

Meditations on My Weekly Planning

I used to dread Mondays – a chaotic chorus of demands from every direction. After our first workshop, I decided to start a weekly planning practice.

Breaking the Busyness Cycle

I tend to say “yes” to everything. There are many reasons. For a long time, this served me well enough, but it all became too much.

Advice from 2023 Commencement Speeches

It’s graduation time. I’ve “mined” graduation speeches for “golden nuggets” as we each take stock of where we are on our own journey.
So what's possible for you?

So what's possible for you?

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brian McDonald, President of MOR Associates.  Brian may be reached at [email protected] or via LinkedIn.]   We hope you had a wonderful holiday, a chance to disconnect as well as time to rest and renew.   With the onset of 2023 we would propose you take some time and project […]

The Leadership Journey Update

In a recent survey 125 alumni from across MOR’s leadership development programs were asked to identify areas of their ongoing development that they had a good handle on and also areas they need to focus on improving.  Alumni were first asked how invested are they currently in their ongoing development: 78% were very invested 21% […]

2016 MOR Leaders Conference Opening Video

2016 MOR Leaders Conference Opening Video.  Slide show, with MOR mantras and recognition of participating institutions. Video of 2016 MOR Leaders Conference – Opening Video