So what's possible for you?

So what's possible for you?

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brian McDonald, President of MOR Associates.  Brian may be reached at brian@morassociates.com or via LinkedIn.]   We hope you had a wonderful holiday, a chance to disconnect as well as time to rest and renew.   With the onset of 2023 we would propose you take some time and project […]

The Leadership Journey Update

In a recent survey 125 alumni from across MOR’s leadership development programs were asked to identify areas of their ongoing development that they had a good handle on and also areas they need to focus on improving.  Alumni were first asked how invested are they currently in their ongoing development: 78% were very invested 21% […]

2016 MOR Leaders Conference Opening Video

2016 MOR Leaders Conference Opening Video.  Slide show, with MOR mantras and recognition of participating institutions. Video of 2016 MOR Leaders Conference – Opening Video  

Reflecting On What Is Working

Monday, January 25, 2016. I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I, like the rest of the Maryland cohort, spent a good part of the weekend shoveling snow and digging out from the ~30 inches of snow that fell from late Friday and most of Saturday.  And then digging out again once the wind had settled down and the […]

Feedback Is The Gift That Keeps Giving

My reflection is around a change in behavior and stretching out of my comfort zone.  Feedback is truly the gift that keeps giving.  I was given an opportunity to apply what I had learned shortly after MOR Session 1 (ready or not).  This opportunity presented itself the day after I returned to the office in […]

Worth Repeating

The August 25, 2015 Tuesday Reading When Your Whisper Is Heard As A Shout

The Answer Is In The Room

It’s been a couple of weeks since we were all together in Bloomington and my how the time has flown by.  Having had some time to digest all that we shared and learned, I still have a sense of inspiration and motivation that I hope will continue to carry on into the coming months.  I […]

Questioning Questioning

When discussing leadership we tend to focus on good leadership practices. While this is important, I personally have learned a lot over the years by observing bad leadership practices which I then actively avoid. The recent MOR Tuesday Readings on asking questions made me remember one of these examples of bad leadership, which I call: […]

Planning is Planning, whether for a Scuba Dive or a Project

Hi everyone!   As I think about what to reflect on this past week, I keep coming back to thoughts of scuba diving as I took my regulator in to get serviced this past weekend. Scuba divers are, most often, over-prepared in the planning and execution of a dive.    Below is a little bit […]

Two Powerful Tools: Being Still and 90 Minute Blocks

I have come to enjoy and value the weekly reflections as well as Jim Bruce’s Tuesday readings.  A few weeks ago in the Tuesday reading, Be Still, I was struck by the truth and simplicity of what was written in that piece.  I thought to myself, why not use “being still” as the foundation for everything that […]



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