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December, 2015


Feedback Is The Gift That Keeps Giving

My reflection is around a change in behavior and stretching out of my comfort zone.  Feedback is truly the gift that keeps giving.  I was given an opportunity to apply what I had learned shortly after MOR Session 1 (ready or not).  This opportunity presented itself the day after I returned to the office in […]


A Leadership Reflection Last week I attended two retirement parties. As I reflected about them afterwards, there were a few key points that they made during their speeches that I would like to share with the group. Trust is so important.  Establishing an environment of trust-based relationships encourages creativity, self initiative, and incredible productivity fostered by […]

Planning, but not Overplanning

In previous Tuesday Readings we have focused on the importance of planning, on being intentional about how we use our time, and on the importance of regularly moving items from our one To Do list to our calendar. As good as a deliberate planning practice is, it can often leave us frustrated at the end of the day […]

Biased? We All Are!

In a recent essay, “Beyond Bias,” which is today’s Tuesday Reading, Heidi Grant Halvorson and David Rock wrote:   “Biases are nonconscious drivers – cognitive quirks – that influence how people see the world.  They appear to be universal in most of humanity, perhaps hardwired into the brain as part of our genetic or cultural heritage, […]