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Feedback Is The Gift That Keeps Giving

| December 22, 2015

by Leadership Participant

My reflection is around a change in behavior and stretching out of my comfort zone.  Feedback is truly the gift that keeps giving.  I was given an opportunity to apply what I had learned shortly after MOR Session 1 (ready or not).  This opportunity presented itself the day after I returned to the office in fact!  Thankfully I was better focused, refreshed and better prepared with new ideas and self-prompted different ways of thinking that allowed me to respond in a different way than I normally would.

For the second time in a week, we had a well-known, relatively infamous employee call into our call center for technical support.  At the end of the call, I was approached by yet another upset and crying student employee who had the best intentions of providing exceptional support and customer service but was instead mocked, belittled and sarcastically laughed at until they were at their wits end and broke down in tears.  That was enough to light the fire for me.

My first reaction was to take a deep breath, get logical, analyze and let the Irish rage I was feeling (back of my neck on fire) cool down while I calculated a response via email more than likely or maybe a phone call.  My second reaction was Oh no.  Here it is.  One of the first opportunities after the first MOR session to get out of your comfort zone and address this incident fearlessly