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August, 2014


How to Override Your Default Reactions in Tough Conversations

We all encounter tough conversations almost daily.  Today’s Tuesday Reading, How to Override Your Default Reactions in Tough Moments, provides some oft-needed help.  The essay is by Lee Newman, Dean of Innovation and Behavior and a professor of Behavioral Science and Leadership at IE Business School in Madrid, and appeared earlier this year on the HBR Blog Network. […]

"Stop winning so much." What?

Today’s Tuesday Reading is actually a short video “’Stop winning so much.’ What?” by Marshall Goldsmith.  Goldsmith is a widely known author – What Got You Hear, Won’t Get You There – and executive coach. He begins this video by recalling a lesson he learned from Peter Drucker, perhaps the world’s authority on management.  In one of their conversations, […]

6 Steps to Turn Strangers into Connections

All of us want to expand the breadth of our networks and build stronger relationships.  Today’s Tuesday Reading, “6 Steps to Turn Strangers into Connections“ which appeared in FastCompany, gives us some helpful suggestions to do just that.  The essay’s author is Stephanie Vozza who writes about business and time management and is the author of The […]

Mood And Engagement Are Contagious

Today’s Tuesday Reading is “Mood And Engagement Are Contagious” and first appeared in Joe Folkman’s Forbes column.  Folkman describes himself as “a behavioral statistician who covers evidence-based improvement.”  More conventionally, he is co-founder and president of Zenger-Folkman, a consulting firm that works to improve organizations and the people within them.   There’s not a one […]