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July, 2012


How to craft an email that gets a reply

For today’s Tuesday Reading, I thought we might revisit the topic of email.  The piece, “How to craft an email that gets a reply”, which appeared at the business blog, arrived along with a batch of email that seemed to violate its principles and reminded me of the importance of taking the time to write […]

I Have Terrible News: Value of Communication in Honesty

Today’s Tuesday Reading, “I Have Terrible News:  Value of Communication in Honesty”, is a Jack Zenger article which appeared at  Zenger is CEO of Zenger | Folkman, a Utah-based consulting company focused on leadership development.  He and his partner, Joe Folkman, are authors of The Extraordinary Leader. The key idea in this article is […]

Stop Chasing the Wrong Priorities

Today’s reading – “Stop Chasing the Wrong Priorities”  – comes from the pens of Kelly Goldsmith and Marshall Goldsmith and appeared in a recent CBS News blog.  Marshall Goldsmith is a well-known author, leadership thinker, and executive coach.  Kelly Goldsmith is assistant professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. The reading builds […]

6 steps to Resolve cConflict

Today’s Reading is a blog entry “6 steps to resolve conflict”by Robert Pagliarini which appeared recently  on the CBS News MoneyWatch website.  Pagliarini works to inspire others to live life to the fullest by challenging the way they invest their time and energy. We all experience conflict and the emotional turmoil that ensues.  So, what can one do […]

12 Things Good Bosses Believe

This week’s Tuesday Reading “12 Things Good Bosses Believe”comes from Bob Sutton’s pen and appeared in the Harvard Business Review blogs.  Sutton is Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University.  He studies and writes about management, innovation, and the nitty-gritty of organizational life.  He is author of Good Boss, Bad Boss. Part of Sutton’s research has […]