Tuesday Reading


The In-Between or Transition Time

Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Marcia Dority Baker, Program Leader and Leadership Coach at MOR Associates. Marcia may be reached at marcia@morassociates.com or via LinkedIn. Light precedes every transition. Whether at the end of a tunnel, through a crack in the door or the flash of an idea, it is always there, heralding a new […]

Begin Again

As I’ve completed major projects, gone through big events, or understood new responsibilities, I’ve often said two words to myself: “Begin again.”

I Believe in You

These transformational words are common in leadership journeys. Often, it’s parents who believed. It could also be a colleague or a friend, like you.

Can AI Help Me Grow as a Leader?

AI can be complementary in our leadership toolkit. However, as with any tool, it works great for some circumstances and not as well for others.

I Grieve and I Appreciate

My father recently passed away after struggling with Parkinson’s & COPD. As I was on this journey, I realized the importance of leading with empathy.

Use Intention to Drive Ongoing Professional Development

I reflected on my graduation from the MOR program and wondered how to keep that energy going? What are some specific things you can start doing today.

Tuesday Reading: Developing a Practice, One Tuesday at a Time

I wrote these essays to help new leaders as they began their leadership journeys. They were also valuable to more experienced leaders.

Leading From Wherever You Are

At first, the prospect of leaving management was concerning. What would it mean for my career prospects? What would happen to my current team?
Six Steps Toward Resilient Leadership

Six Steps Toward Resilient Leadership

Feeling burned out as the leader? Resilience is the capacity to meet adversity, setbacks and trauma, and recover to lead and live life fully.
Six Steps Toward Positive Mental Health

Six Steps Toward Positive Mental Health

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Laura Patterson, Leadership Coach and Consultant at MOR Associates.  She previously was CIO at the University of Michigan. Laura may be reached at laura@morassociates.com or via LinkedIn.]   The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated long standing challenges to employee health and well-being and has contributed to a high rate of employee […]



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