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Tuesday Reading


A Common Toolset Connects Leaders & Enhances Collaboration

MOR common constructs are instrumental in building leadership capabilities to enhance working through issues and addressing initiatives together.

Common Language Promotes Collaboration

When they encounter each other, they can quickly communicate and connect based on a shared MOR experience and the resulting language.

Putting Psychological Safety Into Leadership Context

Psychological safety is where people can brainstorm, voice half-finished thoughts, openly challenge, share feedback, and work through disagreements.

You Can Say NO

While you don’t want to be known as a “no” person, you do want to be seen as a team player. That makes the situation difficult.

The MOR Hardware Store for Life

Do you crave a transformative experience? Do you want to take a quantum leap? Step right this way; MOR Hardware has you covered.

Handling the Gift of Negative Feedback

If you’re like me, you dwell on feedback or deviations from your meticulous plans. A single negative comment can overshadow a plethora of positive.

Be Kind. Rewind.

Starting at Blockbuster video as a video store clerk I decided at age 17 I wasn’t cut out for management. Then some things happened.

Enrollments – Cliff After Cliff After ???

I hope you love numbers as much as I do. Let me offer some, to understand Higher Education’s future enrollment and revenue streams and their impact.

The Leadership Toolset

What leadership tools do you rely on? What new tools do you need to add? What could you practice with others for compounding returns?

Appreciation in the Face of Anticipation

Anticipation keeps us moving forward. It enables us to apply what we’ve learned. But there’s a trap: Over-anticipation, anxiety, and burnout.