The Newest Member Reflects on the 2022 MOR Strategic Offsite

The Newest Member Reflects on the 2022 MOR Strategic Offsite

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Tim Slottow, MOR Associates Leadership Coach.  Tim may be reached at]   A better title for this Tuesday Reading might be, “Practice What We Preach +1+1+1”.    I’m one of the newest members to the MOR Associates family and I just returned from my first annual 3 day Strategic Offsite […]
It's GO Time!

It's GO Time!

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Sue Workman, Leadership Coach at MOR Associates.  Sue may be reached at] It’s Back to School! This time of year always has excitement in the air, a feeling that a fresh adventure is about to begin. The campus is buzzing with new faces, parents leaving their beloved children – […]
Strategy + Alignment → UNLEASHES Execution

Strategy + Alignment → UNLEASHES Execution

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Jack Wolfe and Jim Dezieck of MOR Associates. They may be reached at and]  If you understand the vision, and are truly committed to executing it, you’ll make it happen! – from a special boss of Jack’s, long ago and far away, as you will see.  Last week […]
It’s Time to Mind the Gap

It’s Time to Mind the Gap

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Jim Dezieck and Jack Wolfe of MOR Associates. They may be reached at and]  STRATEGY AND ITS IMPORTANCE   This year showcased both the huge value that our higher ed IT brings to academia and the world class performance of which our IT teams are capable. The crisis […]
My monthly strategic planning meetings with… me

My monthly strategic planning meetings with… me

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Jesse Voigt, Associate Director of Infrastructure, Macalester College. He is a current MOR program participant.  Jesse may be reached at]  The Problem   One of the most frequent frustrations I hear from leaders is that they struggle with balancing their lead/manage/do ratio.   We fall into the trap of […]

Results, it is what we are paid to deliver

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Sean McDonald, Vice-President of MOR Associates. Sean may be reached at]  “Is responsive to urgent requests.”   If you have taken a 360 Leadership Assessment with MOR, it is likely the statement above was your highest score. As a leadership coach, seeing this as your highest score gives reason […]
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brandon Bernier, Vice President IT and CIO, Colorado State University. He is a MOR program alum.  Brandon may be reached at] Several years ago, I worked for a leader who always seemed to have the right advice at the right time.  Once, when I was struggling with a large […]

Are you too busy to read this post?

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Peggy Huston, Leadership Coach at MOR Associates.  Peggy may be reached at]   Are you busy?  I’m busy.  It seems like many of us are busy.  It seems that we are so busy at times that we don’t have time to plan where we are going, but we sure are […]

What Matters Most

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Jaci Lindburg, PhD, Associate Vice President for Digital Education and IT Strategy, University of Nebraska. She is a recent MOR program alum.  Jaci may be reached at] At the University of Nebraska IT, one of our organization’s five strategic goals is alignment to what matters most in service to […]

What’s Next? Hybrid? Remote? Everyone Back?

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brian McDonald, President of MOR Associates.  Brian may be reached at]   As the virus is subsiding and employers across the United States look ahead to the recovery, what will the future of work look like? Will everyone return to work this fall? Will some people continue to work […]



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