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July, 2014


The Case for and Against Stressful Deadlines

Today’s Tuesday Reading, “The Case for and Against Stressful Deadlines” comes to us from the pen of Laura Vanderkem and recently appeared at  Vanderkem is a well-known writer who questions the status quo and helps readers rediscover their true passions and beliefs in pursuit of more meaningful lives. Some of us abhor deadlines, some of […]

Curiosity and Leadership

Today’s Tuesday Reading, Curiosity and Leadership, was written by Sarah Miller as a Leadership Reflection for the CIC X Leaders Program cohort.  Sara is Faculty Engagement Service Leader in the Division of Information Technology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Curosity lives where learning and motivation intersect. 
  What does curiosity have to do […]

Less is More: When You’re Saying Too Much And Getting Ignored

Today’s Tuesday Reading “Less is More:  When You’re Saying Too Much And Getting Ignored” is Lisa Evans’ review of Joseph McCormack’s book Brief: Making a Bigger Impact by Saying Less.  The review appeared in  McCormack is a marketing executive who, among other activities, counsels military leaders and senior executives on key messaging and strategy initiatives. In spite of […]

How to Make Yourself Work
 When You Just Don’t Want To

How to Make Yourself Work When You Just Don’t Want To is this week’s Tuesday Reading.  Heidi Grant-Halvorson is author of this essay which appeared in the HBR Blog Network.  Grant-Halvorson is associate director for the Motivation Science Center at the Columbia University Business School and author of Nine Things Successful People Do Differently.   Everyone […]