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December, 2017


Take a break …

… you (we all) need one Marty Jordan, human resources consultant at Linkage, Inc., tells us that “we are a society obsessed with activity and view inactivity as being lazy.”  She goes on to note that “We’re conditioned to be overworked and to believe that if, at any point, we aren’t doing something that resembles […]

The Twelve Days of MOR

Today’s Tuesday Reading – The Twelve Days of MOR – is an essay by Christy McCollum, Director of Administration, Washington University Information Technology.  [Christy may be reached at [email protected].]  Her essay first appeared as a program reflection earlier this year. «««»»»   The Twelve Days of MOR, also known as MOR Maxims, is a game changing, customized leadership development […]


… conjunction (joining two words, phrases, or clauses) as in   “Rachel plays the piano and sings.”  ( Eric McNulty, director of research at the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, notes that over the years words like “paradigm shift,” “synergy,” “sustainability,” “resilience,” “agile,” “lean,” as well as others have come onto the stage, and often inform new […]