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January, 2022


Listening and Hearing What Isn’t Said

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Ron Kraemer.  He is currently retired.  Ron previously was Vice President for Information Technology and CIO at the University of Notre Dame. Ron may be reached at [email protected].]   When I think about listening, I don’t just think about what we hear, I think about what we learn using all […]

Molding Consensus through Relationships

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Roger Weisenberg, Director of Financial Technology, Office of Finance and Treasury, Princeton University.  He is a current MOR program participant.  Roger may be reached at [email protected].]   As we concluded our MOR Advanced Leaders workshop on influence last week, I found it interesting and appropriate that the timing of this […]

Oh No, Not 2021 All Over Again

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Brian McDonald, President of MOR Associates.  Brian may be reached at [email protected].] Back in December the theme for this article was going to be envisioning your future. The idea was to offer a simple yet powerful exercise proposing you sketch out your desired future state for the year ahead. The […]

How Do You Hire Good to Great Leaders?

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Vijay Menta, CIO of Middlebury College.  Vijay may be reached at [email protected].]   Happy New Year everyone!   At around the same time last year, I published my Backpack Essentials for a Your Leadership Journey piece.  Several of you provided me with such wonderful feedback, that I was inspired to […]