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What do I really want to be known for?

What do I really want to be known for?

I was flipping through my notebook. I wrote down what I want to be known for. Later I circled the question “Is what I said true?” I had some doubts.

The Next Leaders

Where will the next leaders come from? Think about the talent around us and how we might think differently in answering this looming question.

How Do You Hire Good to Great Leaders?

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Vijay Menta, CIO of Middlebury College.  Vijay may be reached at]   Happy New Year everyone!   At around the same time last year, I published my Backpack Essentials for a Your Leadership Journey piece.  Several of you provided me with such wonderful feedback, that I was inspired to […]

Don’t be a Stranger to Yourself

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Ron Kraemer.  He is currently retired.  Ron previously was Vice President for Information Technology and CIO at the University of Notre Dame. Ron may be reached at]   A few months ago, I was doing some research concerning distinction in leadership. I scoured dozens of leadership websites, read a […]

Beware the Sabertooth Project

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Eva Dale, Web Services Director for the College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University.  She is a BTAA MOR alum.  Eva may be reached at]   We human beings are funny creatures. In prehistoric days, if there was a scary shadow in the distance then it […]

Leadership and Decision Making

Leadership and Decision Making [Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Amanda Sarratore, Manager of Academic IT Services at the University of Notre Dame.  She is a MOR alum.  Amanda may be reached at]   As the pandemic hit, staff stepped up to embrace change in a radical way, and more than a year later, many […]

We Can Do Hard Things

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Beth Holtz, Senior Manager for Strategic Initiatives and Administration in Research Computing, Princeton University.  She is a MOR alum.  Beth may be reached at]   We can do hard things.  I must say this about 20 times a day, both in my head and out loud.  I say it […]

23 CIOs on Looking Ahead

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Sean McDonald, Vice-President of MOR Associates and David Sweetman, MOR Associates Leadership Coach and Consultant. They may be reached at and]   We recently had a number of MOR program graduations.  Graduations are a wonderful time in celebrating the accomplishments of our program participants, as well as looking […]

Alumni Reflections on valuing the gifts of others

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is by Dr. David Sweetman, MOR Associates Leadership Coach and Consultant.  David may be reached at]   Given the positive feedback we received from our Tuesday Reading a few weeks ago that featured the perspectives of multiple MOR alums, we plan to include that style as part of our ongoing program […]

Can I offer you some feedback?

[This reading is from Dr. Julie A. Traxler, Associate Dean for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University.  She is a recent MOR program alum.  Julie may be reached at] During our MOR sessions, I could see us collectively cringe, but we began slowly to get more comfortable (or maybe a […]



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