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September, 2019



Been gobsmacked1 recently? You are in a team meeting and make a proposal you believe is well thought out. You feel your work is solid. A coworker viciously attacks your proposal. Or, a friend, who also is your boss’s, boss’s boss, unexpectedly calls you early one morning to strongly admonish you for a comment you had […]

Help You, Help Me

Today’s Tuesday Reading is an essay by Dave Acheson, Network Operations, Information Systems and Technology, Chapman University. His essay first appeared as a leaders program reflection earlier this year. [Dave may be reached at  <[email protected]>.]    Since my MOR Associates Leaders Program came to an end, I have struggled to continue the strides I felt […]

How Much Planning Is Too Much?

In previous Tuesday Readings we have focused on the importance of planning,1 on being intentional about how we use our time,2 and on the importance of regularly moving items from our one To Do list to our calendar.3 Returning to this topic as the school year begins, seems particularly important. Each year our pace seems to be more hurried […]