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September, 2011


What Hiring Managers Really Look For

By selecting this article for today’s Tuesday Reading, I’m not suggesting that you should be out looking for a job.  Rather, given the author, Steve Tobak, who has extensive experience on both sides of the hiring desk, I thought that his piece “What Hiring Managers Really Look For” was excellent advice for the hiring manager. So, […]

A Non-Exhaustive Read On Fighting Decision Fatigue

You may have run across the term “decision fatigue” in your recent reading. John Tierney in a lengthy NYTimes article “Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?” writes: “Decision fatigue helps explain why ordinarily sensible people get anyry at colleagues and families, spurge on clothes, buy junk food at the supermarket, …  No matter how rational […]

Get Involved without Being a Micromanager: 3 Tips

I think we are all micromanagers at heart.  This week’s reading is a short piece by John Baldoni, “Get Involved without Being a Micromanager:  3 Tips” which recently appeared in BNET’s leadership blog. We all dive deeply into the details;  sometimes when we are the only one with the necessary skills and expertise.  But, more often […]

E-mail Charter

I first saw reference to an E-mail Charter in Davig Pogue’s NYTimes column “We Have to Fix Email“on June 30, 2011.  In the column Pogue calls attention to the email overload that we all are experiencing almost every day in real time. That column points to a blog post by Chris Anderson, organizer for the […]