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January, 2010


Assessing Transition Readiness

Every time you begin a change endeavor, it’s quite natural to ask “am I prepared and ready?”  Is my team/organization prepared and ready?  Are the stakeholders ready? Answering these questions on an ad hoc basis is not easy.  Several weeks ago in my reading, I came across an instrument to assess transition readiness <> on William Bridges’ website.  He […]

Leadership Lessons from Mt. Kilimanjaro

Today’s Reading is Preston Cline’s ”Leadership Lessons from Mt. Kilimanjaro“ which appeared in the November-December issue of the Wharton Leadership Digest <> and is reproduced below by permission. The lesson here is simple and clear:  In life there will always be error, failure.  It is better to fix the error when it is first noticed and small, than […]

Why Introverts Can Make The Best Leaders

Todays reading, Jennifer Kahnweiler’s “Why Introverts Can Make The Best Leaders” comes from  Kahnweiler is the author of “The Introverted Leader:  Building on Your Quiet Strength” and is president of AboutYOU, an Atlanta based leadership consultancy. Many leaders describe themselves as introverts and somewhere in their leadership journey they have addressed the issues of being disregarded or […]

Giving and Receiving Gifts in Conversation

Welcome to 2010!  I trust that each of you had a wonderful time with family and friends.  Just before Christmas Roger Schwartz published “Giving and Receiving Gifts in Conversation” in his Fundamental Change newsletter.  I found the article so thought provoking that I have published it here as this week’s reading  by permission. Two Decembers ago, I […]