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Assessing Transition Readiness

| January 26, 2010

by Jim Bruce

Every time you begin a change endeavor, it’s quite natural to ask “am I prepared and ready?”  Is my team/organization prepared and ready?  Are the stakeholders ready?

Answering these questions on an ad hoc basis is not easy.  Several weeks ago in my reading, I came across an instrument to assess transition readiness <> on William Bridges’ website.  He notes that the instrument comes from his “years of studying organizations in transition and of seeking out the reasons for the very different fates they encountered.”  He goes on to say that he has found the tool useful, even though it has not been used sufficiently to generate norms.  

I found just reading and reflecting on these questions to be helpful in getting my head in the right space to think about change.  Bridges suggests using it with a group of people who are getting ready to engage in a change initiative and then acting on what is learned as a further step in your process.

If you do use the tool, and Bridges’ has shared it for that purpose, let me know how it worked for you.


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