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Tuesday Reading


The Guitar and Learning New Things

Learning new things, whether fun or professional, comes with stress. Here are some lessons that have helped me navigate new territory.

The Power of Summer Vacations

Resilience is an essential quality for leadership. What better way to nurture personal well-being than through a summer vacation!

Leading From Who You Are

As I ponder the essence of leadership, one word resonates deeply: values. The internal compass, the True North, that guides our actions.

Advice from 2024 Commencement Speeches

It’s graduation time. I’ve “mined” graduation speeches for “golden nuggets” as we each take stock of where we are on our own journey.

Initiate, Inquire, Invest, and Influence

Intentional relationship building is a cornerstone of effective leadership. You can make meaningful strides by integrating the 4 I’s in your routine.

Now What? – Don’t Confuse the Menu for the Meal

Here are some organizational practices that could encourage focusing on the meal (results) rather than getting stuck on the menu (processes).

Know Your Strengths and Maximize Your Impact

Focusing on existing strengths allows individuals to build on what they already do well, boosting confidence and motivation.

Five Lessons from the Flying V

I am fascinated with geese in their “Flying V” formation and how they manage to create such a flawless shape.

So What?

So what? – A simple phrase, yet it can convey many meanings. It also serves as an invitation for deeper investigation.

A Common Toolset Connects Leaders & Enhances Collaboration

MOR common constructs are instrumental in building leadership capabilities to enhance working through issues and addressing initiatives together.