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Tuesday Reading


Intention: A Solstice Leadership Tool

Intention is orienting oneself in a desired direction, often through deeply felt feelings or declarations.

10 Years of MOR: What Are You Still Serving?

I have been a MOR graduate for ten years! My cohort created a menu. I started reflecting on what I still serve off that menu ten years later.

Thanksgiving Day – A Time for Expressing Gratitude

We start to slow down when our batteries are constantly drained at work. A simple gratitude or a sincere thank you can give us the boost we need.

The Edge of a Comfort Zone

It is often the input and encouragement of others that help us nudge or sustain a move out of our comfort zones.

Finding Balance, Sustaining Progress

I am grateful for how my cohort and coaches have helped me to look inward, an honest look at myself and my mindset. It has been transformative.

Meditations on My Weekly Planning

I used to dread Mondays – a chaotic chorus of demands from every direction. After our first workshop, I decided to start a weekly planning practice.

Whose Job Is It, Anyway?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Does workload increase while the size of your team remains constant or shrinks? Who will do something about this situation?

How Much Untapped Potential Is Out There?

Where do you see untapped growth potential in people? What strategies could you advance to invite others to explore their potential?

What’s Your Legacy?

Your legacy is the people you impact and the leaders you grow. Leaders who lead from where they are to advance the organization after you are gone.

Some Leadership Styles to Consider

Leaders and their styles have a profound impact on those being led. It can distinguish between a highly effective team and a highly dysfunctional one.