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August, 2019


Different Dimensions of Good Luck

Today’s Tuesday Reading is a response by Dr. Nick Dedeke, Executive Professor of Supply Chain and Information Management at Northeastern University in Boston, MA to the recent Tuesday Readings on “luck.” [Nick may be reached at [email protected].] Recent Tuesday Readings have prompted me to reflect on the subject of good luck. Good luck is a phenomenon […]

Luck Matters

Today’s Tuesday Reading is an essay by Maria Curcio, Director of Administration, Harvard College Admissions & Financial Aid. Maria is a 2016 alumna of the MOR Leaders Program. [She may be reached at [email protected].]   In his article, Why Luck Matters More Than You Think, Robert H. Frank1 discusses luck in terms of wealth and success:   “Wealthy people overwhelmingly attribute […]


… and Why It Matters Today’s Tuesday Reading is an essay by Julian Koh, Associate Director of Telecommunications and Network Services at Northwestern University. Julian is an alumnus of the MOR Leaders Program. [He may be reached at  <[email protected]>.]      I was recently fortunate enough to take a vacation where I had two very interesting conversations […]