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May, 2023


You 2.0 Could Be on the Horizon

Think about your Desired Future State. Don’t settle, have it really be a transformation. This is your 2.0 “version” you should set sight on.

The In-Between or Transition Time

I have been thinking about the space in between change; that transition time from the “old” to the “new.” It could be from setting a goal or practicing a new habit.

Begin Again

As I’ve completed major projects, gone through big events, or understood new responsibilities, I’ve often said two words to myself: “Begin again.”

I Believe in You

These transformational words are common in leadership journeys. Often, it’s parents who believed. It could also be a colleague or a friend, like you.

Can AI Help Me Grow as a Leader?

AI can be complementary in our leadership toolkit. However, as with any tool, it works great for some circumstances and not as well for others.