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August, 2012


On Gratitude

Several weeks ago while reading the Leading News leadership letter I found today’s reading “On Gratitude.”  It’s author, Patricia Wheeler <Patricia Wheeler [email protected]>, is an executive and team coach who helps smart people become more effective leaders. As Managing Partner in the Levin Group LLC, she has spent 15 years consulting to organizations and coaching senior leaders and their […]

The Simplicity Thesis

Today’s reading is “The Simplicity Thesis” by Aaron Levie, CEO and cofounder of Box. Levie begins his piece with the provocative statement “A fascinating trend is consuming Silicon Valley and beginning to eat away at the rest of the world:  the radical simplification of everything.”  He continues by noting Jeff Bezos’ “rallying cry against gatekeepers […]

Olympic Games

Today’s reading “Olympic Games” is a reflection from Julie Shuttleworth, member of the 2012 Leadership@Penn cohort.  She is Director of Administrative Affairs in the Provost’s office at the University of Pennsylvania. She writes: With the 2012 Summer Olympics having just ended, I am reminded that it takes vision, hard work, dedication, presence and some natural talent […]

How to Get Feedback When You’re the Boss

Today’s reading is “How to Get Feedback When You’re the Boss” and is from Amy Gallo’s pen.  She is a contributing editor at the Harvard Business Review. Gallo observes that as you move up in an organization you receive less constructive feedback on your ideas, performance and strategy.  The point is no one wants to offend the […]