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by Leadership Participant

A Leadership Reflection

Last week I attended two retirement parties. As I reflected about them afterwards, there were a few key points that they made during their speeches that I would like to share with the group.

Trust is so important.  Establishing an environment of trust-based relationships encourages creativity, self initiative, and incredible productivity fostered by a safe culture without fear or politics.  When you trust, you are motivated by a desire to help others and advance the cause without imposing your own agenda.

T – Stands for THINK – Think first of others.  It’s not about me, it’s about us.

R – Stands for RELATIONSHIPS – Relationships are more important than solving problems.  The next set of problems will surely come and a trust-based relationship will help you solve them all.

U – Stands for UNDERSTANDING – Understanding come from listening carefully.  There is usually something important for you to hear.  Try not to miss it.

S – Stands for SAY – Say what you mean and really mean what you say.  Then do what you say.

T – Stands for TRY – Try not to take yourself too seriously because it’s for sure no one else will.

The command and control leadership style is being replaced with a trust-based leadership style.  Leaders who favor shared values and principles instead of rules and policies, will recruit and retain the most talented resources in the market.  Rules and policies do not provide a strong platform for innovation and empowerment.  However, when a deeply held value is in place, such as “Improve the Student Experience”, it serves to guide decisions, foster innovation, and empower the employee. 

According to Jessica Rohman from Great Places to Work, “When an employee feels empowered, great things happen … the most creative ideas, the most outstanding customer service, and the most innovative solutions come from the employees’ spirit unleashed.”


Christy Thomas

Systems Analyst
University of Nebraska, Omaha.