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Conserving Willpower is Not Easy

It is hard for me to keep a New Year’s Resolution. Why is that? We have a limited supply of willpower and need to best use it.

You 2.0 Could Be on the Horizon

Think about your Desired Future State. Don’t settle, have it really be a transformation. This is your 2.0 “version” you should set sight on.

The In-Between or Transition Time

I have been thinking about the space in between change; that transition time from the “old” to the “new.” It could be from setting a goal or practicing a new habit.

Begin Again

As I’ve completed major projects, gone through big events, or understood new responsibilities, I’ve often said two words to myself: “Begin again.”

I Believe in You

These transformational words are common in leadership journeys. Often, it’s parents who believed. It could also be a colleague or a friend, like you.

I Grieve and I Appreciate

My father recently passed away after struggling with Parkinson’s & COPD. As I was on this journey, I realized the importance of leading with empathy.

Use Intention to Drive Ongoing Professional Development

I reflected on my graduation from the MOR program and wondered how to keep that energy going? What are some specific things you can start doing today.

Tuesday Reading: Developing a Practice, One Tuesday at a Time

I wrote these essays to help new leaders as they began their leadership journeys. They were also valuable to more experienced leaders.

Leading From Wherever You Are

At first, the prospect of leaving management was concerning. What would it mean for my career prospects? What would happen to my current team?

Your Employees Are Still In Charge – What Do You Do Now?

With unemployment low, turnover high, and job openings plentiful, what should we be doing to ensure that we have, and keep, the people we need for both operational and strategic activities?



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