Reorientation + Renewal = Revitalization

By: Jim Bruce

For over two decades William Bridges has helped organizations and individuals deal more effectively with change.  Today’s Tuesday Reading is a short piece by Bridges – “Reorientation + Renewal = Revitalization” <> (download) – which focuses on how to revitalize a team after it goes through a difficult time of change.

Bridges focuses on teams which fall into any one of three natural groupings-

1.  A team that is not able to let go the past.

How Team Leaders Show Support – or Not

By: Jim Bruce

For today’s Tuesday Reading, we turn to a Harvard Business School Working Knowledge Q&A – “How Team Leaders Show Support – or Not”– with HBS faculty member Teresa Anabile.

Though from 2004, the findings remain valid.  Professor Anabile’s research points to two key concepts for leaders who want to gain their staff’s confidence:

1.  Perceptions of team leader support are more positive when the leader

     - gives timely feedback

     - support the team member’s actions and decisions

How Leaders Get Their Teams To "Click"

By: Jim Bruce

Well-integrated, high-performing teams, teams that “click,” is the subject of today's Tuesday Reading – “How Leaders Get Their Teams To ‘Click’”  by Phil Harken.  Such teams never lose slight of their goals and are largely self-sustaining.  They often seem to take on a life of their own.  Studies by the European Centre for Organizational Research show that teams that “click” always have a “leader who creates the environment and establishes the operating principles and values that are conducive to high performance.”

He Wants Subjects, Verbs and Objects

By: Jim Bruce

Everyone who has participated in the ITLP has had the opportunity to look back on their career and note the leadership lessons they have learned.  Today’s Tuesday Reading is a leadership journey in the form of an interview.  Recently, Richard Anderson, chief executive of Delta Airlines, was interviewed for the New York Time’s April 26, 2009 CORNER OFFICE column.

I think that you’ll enjoy and learn from Anderson’s learnings.  Some gems that caught my eye:

- be patient and don’t lose your temper.

Influence: Connecting with People

By: Jim Bruce

John Maxwell, a very prolific writer on leadership, is the author of our Tuesday Reading for today:  “Influence:  Connecting with People”.

Maxwell’s thesis is straightforward;  ... “until leaders learn the art of connection, their influence remains minimal.”  To help us make connections, he offers eight practical steps:

1.  Don’t take people for granted.

2.  Possess a difference-maker mindset.

3.  Initiate movement toward people;  take the first step.

Practical Advice for CIOs Struggling to Survive in Tough Times

By: Jim Bruce

For today’s reading we turn to advice from José Carlos Eiras, former CIO of DHL-Express US and also European CIO and Global Services Information Officer at General Motors, found in “Practical Advice for CIOs Struggling to Survive in Tough Times".

After talking briefly about the choices IT leaders struggling with tough times -- either ”hunker down and wait timidly for fate,“ or ”seize the moment“ -- Eiras advocates seizing the moment and makes seven recommendations:


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