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Chris Paquette


Presence and Presentation – Personal Webcam Edition: The finer points of managing and optimizing your personal virtual presence

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is from Chris Paquette, Director of Survey Services at MOR Associates. Chris may be reached at [email protected].] Future historians will point to this as the moment when COVID-19 profoundly and instantly transformed how we worked and interacted. Videoconferencing, previously a useful supplement to in-person meetings and teleconferences, has become the primary way […]

Pre-Conference Survey – Organizational Adaptability Assessment

In the weeks leading up to the 2015 MOR Leaders Conference, we invited 2,051 members of the MOR IT Leaders community to participate in a nineteen-question survey designed to gather their impressions of their IT organizations’ current levels of adaptability. We received a total of 589 responses. The survey posed nineteen questions in the form […]

Meeting Disruptive Change with Self-Awareness and Grace

All of this year’s conference attendees and all MOR staff members were invited to complete a personal assessment tool called the Strength Deployment Inventory, or SDI for short. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the sometimes messy business of engaging with other people who *gasp!* don’t see things exactly as we do. Susan […]

Anticipating the Start of the 2013 MOR IT Leaders Conference

Today, 18 members of MOR converged on Chicago in preparation of MOR’s 6th annual IT Leaders Conference. This year’s theme, “The Leadership Challenge of Disruptive Change,” marks the fifth consecutive year that the conference has focused on change. According to Jim Bruce, one of the founders of the IT Leaders Program and a longtime program […]