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Reflecting on Your Leadership Journey

By: Sean McDonald

Indeed, as Marshall Goldsmith suggests, “What Got You Here Wont Get You There”, but it is still important to understand that what got you here did get you here.  We have become the leaders we are today because of a unique set of varying experiences.  We’ve been taught new things, shown the right ways, seen bad ways, been part of amazing teams, struggled at times, been let go, promoted, challenged, led, followed, etc… These all piece together into our own individual leadership journeys.

IT Leaders Program Alum presenting at Educause

By: Sean McDonald

If you the Educause 2013 event in Anaheim this week be sure to check out there great presentors/presentations:

Arin Komins - University of Chicago

The Goldilocks Principle and the Project Manager: Right-Sizing Project Management Methodology

8am on Thurs.

David Burns – University of Texas Austin

2013 IT Leaders Conference: June 19-21

By: Sean McDonald

2013 IT leaders conference

MOR Associates is very pleased to announce the 2013 IT Leaders Conference in Chicago on June 19-21. The theme of this year’s conference is “The Leadership Challenge of Disruptive Change.” We will cover changes that are already evident in higher education, changes that IT will need to make in response, and the work on self you can do in order to maximize your effectiveness and be the leader you need to be.


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