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  • In my nearly 20 year career, MOR was the single best experience I have had in leadership development. It helped me acknowledge, confirm and grow my strengths as a leader, while simultaneously helping me find, root out or revision my weaknesses as a leader. Moreover, MOR has been an opportunity for me to find a community of peers and chart my goals for the second half of my career. In many ways, it is a mini-MBA that has given me a renewed passion for my career and excitement over the future, while helping me find new successes in my current role that benefit both me and my institution.

    Colin Kelley, Bowdoin College
  • The MOR program is a wonderful, connecting experience that helps you learn to lead in new, transformative ways.

    Julie Schell, UT-Austin
  • The MOR Advanced Leaders Program provided an outstanding venue for learning from colleagues from a wide array of higher education institutions as they invested in their own development of their strategic planning, relationship development, scenario-planning, inclusion, and staff development skills. The readings and structured content is excellent, but more profound is learning how each leader in the cohort responds to the lessons, and combining the collective learning to forge one’s own path forward in being a more effective leader. MOR ALP is a unique opportunity and experience.

    Jason Shaffner, Harvard University
  • Participation in the MOR leadership program changed my life, both professionally and personally, in more profound and sticky ways than other leadership development programs I’ve been involved with. It is a gift that keeps on giving as I often turn back to the course book, readings, and my notes to support my pursuit of key components of this experience including the SUCCES presentation model, the 4 I’s of relationship building, the 3 lenses for change leadership, and the notion that leaders are always on stage and should act intentionally.

    Kevin Cornish, Covered CA
  • The MOR coaches were extremely helpful and insightful. Having this component of the program set it apart from all other professional development courses I’ve taken. I was able to form habits instead of just knowledge stored for future usage.

    Bessie Liang, NYU
  • MOR program is designed in a highly effective way spread well across the year, that really makes you soak in the tools and techniques shared during the workshop, which makes it even more effective, when you have a chance to implement it in your day to day work and personal life. It has had a great impact on my overall development as a person and a leader, I now have a whole new set of tools and techniques arsenal to use to be an impactful and influential leader and help others achieve their goals.

    Fatema Bannat Wala, Energy Sciences Network