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Alumni Views and News


Navigating the Flooding with Relationships

We received more than 24 inches of rain in just 24 hours. This is how I led, even amidst personal chaos.

The Leadership Journey Update

In a recent survey 125 alumni from across MOR’s leadership development programs were asked to identify areas of their ongoing development that they had a good handle on and also areas they need to focus on improving.  Alumni were first asked how invested are they currently in their ongoing development: 78% were very invested 21% […]

Reflections and advice for MOR Leaders Program participants, post Workshop One

Thank you to Amy Peters, Business Planning Manager, University of Michigan, Information & Technology Services, and Michael Warden, Sr. Director, Service Management, Health Information Technology & Services, University of Michigan, for sharing this perspective!   Our MOR experiences were transformational, and we hope it’s the same for each of you! Participation is a unique opportunity for you to learn […]

IT Centralization and the Innovation Value Chain in Higher Education

On April 1 we reached out to the MOR Leaders alumni on behalf of Ed Clark, fellow program alum and current CIO of University of St Thomas, with a survey on “IT Centralization and the Innovation Value Chain in Higher Education”.  This was part of his PhD dissertation work, in which I am happy to […]

Stretch and Learn

I attended the MOR IT Leaders conference in late May.  As an ITLP graduate who stepped into a CIO role two years ago, I was asked to share how I employ the elements of the MOR toolkit in my leadership role.  I’ve invested in relationships and focused on changing culture.  I’ve taken uncomfortable risks.  But, […]