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Alumni Views and News


Be Kind. Rewind.

Starting at Blockbuster video as a video store clerk I decided at age 17 I wasn’t cut out for management. Then some things happened.

Leading with Accountability

If you want people to lead from all levels of the organization, you have to be relentlessly accountable to them.

Navigating the Flooding with Relationships

We received more than 24 inches of rain in just 24 hours. This is how I led, even amidst personal chaos.

The Leadership Journey Update

In a recent survey 125 alumni from across MOR’s leadership development programs were asked to identify areas of their ongoing development that they had a good handle on and also areas they need to focus on improving.  Alumni were first asked how invested are they currently in their ongoing development: 78% were very invested 21% […]

Reflections and advice for MOR Leaders Program participants, post Workshop One

Thank you to Amy Peters, Business Planning Manager, University of Michigan, Information & Technology Services, and Michael Warden, Sr. Director, Service Management, Health Information Technology & Services, University of Michigan, for sharing this perspective!   Our MOR experiences were transformational, and we hope it’s the same for each of you! Participation is a unique opportunity for you to learn […]

IT Centralization and the Innovation Value Chain in Higher Education

On April 1 we reached out to the MOR Leaders alumni on behalf of Ed Clark, fellow program alum and current CIO of University of St Thomas, with a survey on “IT Centralization and the Innovation Value Chain in Higher Education”.  This was part of his PhD dissertation work, in which I am happy to […]

Stretch and Learn

I attended the MOR IT Leaders conference in late May.  As an ITLP graduate who stepped into a CIO role two years ago, I was asked to share how I employ the elements of the MOR toolkit in my leadership role.  I’ve invested in relationships and focused on changing culture.  I’ve taken uncomfortable risks.  But, […]