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IT Leaders Program Alum presenting at Educause

by Sean McDonald

If you the Educause 2013 event in Anaheim this week be sure to check out there great presentors/presentations:

Arin Komins – University of Chicago

The Goldilocks Principle and the Project Manager: Right-Sizing Project Management Methodology

8am on Thurs.

David Burns – University of Texas Austin

Jim Phelps – University of Wisconsin Madison

Tuesday, October 15; 8 am to 4 pm, Room 207D

        ITANA Face2Face Session on Disruptive Change and Enterprise Architecture

Thursday, October 17; 1:30 to 2:20 pm, Room 208A/B

        ITANA Discussion Session

Thursday, October 17; 4:30 to 6:30 pm, Room 204C

        ITANA (un)Conference

Bob Flynn – Indiana University

Presenting at EDUCAUSE Virtual

Sue Workman – Indiana University

Cathy O’Bryan, Momi Ford, and Sue

“Partnersourcing across Institutions for Efficient High Quality Support” (about IU’s agreement with Ivy Tech to provide IT Support to Indiana’s Community College System)

Fri morning at 9:10am on. 

Also speak on Thurs at 8am with Leah Lang, EDUCAUSE and Michelle Norin, U of AZ about the EDUCAUSE Core Data Services results. 

Richard Holeton – Stanford University

Presenting on the Learning Space Rating System (both for f2f and online conferences)

and also co-lead the Learning Space Design Constituent Group:

Brian McNurlen – University of Wisconsin Madison

Presenting as part of the Breakthrough Models Academy,

Thursday @11:30 AM

in the Learning Theatre exhibit hall C