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Reflecting on Your Leadership Journey

by Sean McDonald

Indeed, as Marshall Goldsmith suggests, “What Got You Here Wont Get You There”, but it is still important to understand that what got you here did get you here.  We have become the leaders we are today because of a unique set of varying experiences.  We’ve been taught new things, shown the right ways, seen bad ways, been part of amazing teams, struggled at times, been let go, promoted, challenged, led, followed, etc… These all piece together into our own individual leadership journeys.

As we reflect on where we are going it is important as well to reflect on how we got to where we are.  We can certainly make the choices to carry with us the items we want as part of our leadership style and also leave behind the traits we do not wish to carry forward, but to have intentionally around that choice you must first reflect on your own leadership journey.

Here are two examples of reflections on ones leadership journey…

And from the MOR Leaders Community enjoy these leadership journey reflections.