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World Series MVP David Ortiz's Big, Bold, On-the-fly Leadership Lessons

by Sean McDonald

Leadership lessons continue to flow from the recent worst-to-first Red Sox season.  Here is a great article from Fast Company on David Ortiz and leadership, “World Series MVP David Ortiz’s Big, Bold, On-the-fly Leadership Lessons“.

It’s lessons:
1.  Borrow from other industries.  I.e., the huddle.


2.  Develop skills outside your wheelhouse.  I.e., Ortiz not only hit hard (his wheelhouse) but also ran and sacrificed to score a run.
3.  Act decisively.  I.e., taking that bat to the telephone in an earlier game.  (I thought this was a bad example and ruled out using it as a TR for that reason.)
4.  Love your enemies – and don’t be afraid to have some fun.  I.e., his trip to NYC where he hugged a number of people on the street – Yankee lovers.
5.  Breaking the rules is sometimes OK.