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Building Effective Corporate Cultures One Decency at a Time

| September 11, 2007

by Jim Bruce

We all like to be treated with appropriate respect and consideration as we go through the several roles we have each day.  And, we bemoan the fact that in the fast-paced world we find ourselves in even the most basic decencies such as saying “hello” and “goodbye,” or remembering and using the names of people we interact with often drop by the wayside.  In “Building Effective Corporate Cultures One Decency at a Time”  <>

— Steve Harrison, Chairman of Lee Hecht Harrison, a firm focusing on career management solutions, reminds us of the importance of these simple decencies.  He argues that simple actions that demonstrate respect and consideration, if done consistently over time, will spread throughout the organization like ripples in a pond bringing about change that is deeply rooted within individual behavior.

I think that Harrison has the right idea.  Make a list of the “decencies” he lists that are important to you and work to put  them into practice.  It will be appreciated and noticed, and who knows, may change the way people behave.


Have a great week.  .  .  .  .  .     jim