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Give Feedback with Video

| December 22, 2009

by Jim Bruce

One of my sons acquired a new Flip MinoHD digital camcorder just before Thanksgiving.  This gave all the family ample opportunity to appear in living color and HD.  And, as I watched myself later on the video, I realized that what others were seeing was not what I necessarily expected or, in many cases, wanted them to see.

Then along came Michael Schrage’s Harvard Business School blog entry “Give Feedback with Video”.  In this piece, Schrage makes the point that we typically under invest in “introspection infrastructures” and we have never seen ourselves “brainstorm, collaborate, or design with our colleagues.”  Schrage goes on to say that not doing so deprives us of opportunities to become more self-aware, to create self-knowledge, and perhaps to do some work on self.

Neither Schrage or I would argue that every meeting or interaction needs to be recorded.  However, as he puts it, “nothing gives greater credence or credibility to a professional critique than a ‘personal performance’ video.”

So, do consider using this tool to further enhance how you present yourself.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We plan to take next week off so the next Tuesday Reading will be on January 4, 2010.


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