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How to Become an Effective Delegator

| August 10, 2010

by Jim Bruce

Today’s reading – “How to Become an Effective Delegator” – takes us again to the subject of delegation.  Delegation is the fastest way for each of us to create space in our minds and on our calendar for more strategic work.  And, this, I dare say, is something that we all could benefit from.

Today’s piece is by Jay Steinfeld, CEO of, the lartest provider of window treatments on the Internet.  Jay is a self-confessed used-to-be control freak.  He is now reformed and has learned that he can’t do everything himself.

He suggests five ways to begin delegating:

1.  Create a culture where mistakes are tolerated as long as something is learned from the mistake.

2.  Take the monkey off your back.  Make a practice of asking:  “What do you think?”

3.  Ask those who report to you what part of your job they think that they can do.

4.  In formal performance reviews, include a specific review for delegation.  Better yet, do an after action review (see for example After Action Reviews <>).

5.  Communicate to your staff that increasing the value they each deliver is what’s important for advancement.

If you are not an active delegator, begin today.  You may be surprised at how it increases your value to your organization.


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