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Influence: Connecting with People

| May 12, 2009

by Jim Bruce

John Maxwell, a very prolific writer on leadership, is the author of our Tuesday Reading for today:  “Influence:  Connecting with People”.

Maxwell’s thesis is straightforward;  … “until leaders learn the art of connection, their influence remains minimal.”  To help us make connections, he offers eight practical steps:

1.  Don’t take people for granted.

2.  Possess a difference-maker mindset.

3.  Initiate movement toward people;  take the first step.

4.  Search for common ground.

5.  Recognize and respect differences.

6.  Learn the key to the other person’s life.

7.  Communicate from the heart.

8.  Share common experiences.

Maxwell closes his article by noting that “No one ever accomplishes alone what he can do in partnership with others.”

Very wise advice.  Find an opportunity to initiate, renew, and strengthen your relationships this week.


.  .  .  .  .   jim