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Learning to Accept Criticism

| August 7, 2007

by Jim Bruce

One of the topics we discuss in the IT Leaders Program is giving and receiving both positive and negative feedback.  In today’s reading “Learning to Accept Criticism“, John Baldoni reinforces the importance of giving and receiving  criticism noting that they are essential leadership capabilities.  He then gives several helpful suggestions:

  –  Know your facts — if you are going to criticize your boss (and for that matter anyone), you’d better get it right.

  –  Take it in stride — listen to your critics and be strong enough not to retaliate.

  –  Chill then act — take a deep breath, say “thank you.”

As a leader, you need input from everyone on your team.  Some of that input may be hard to hear but may improve the workings of the team and create a team culture which will be more open and lead to better results over time.


Have a great week.  .  .  .  .     jim