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Stay Out of the Bunker

| April 7, 2009

by Jim Bruce

Today’s Tuesday Reading is “Stay Out of the Bunker”from the New York Times Under New Management column.  There Kelly Holland says that even though this may be a very challenging time for managers, employees still need leadership if they are to function effectively.  She suggests seven behaviors for leaders:

1.  Treat employees as responsible adults, not as wayward children who can be bossed around or mollified by half-truths.  She notes that organizations work better when everyone is knowledgeable and empowered, and when individuals are asked to contribute and show initiative.

2.  Be straightforward about bad news.  Challenging times require the highest levels possible of transparency.

3.  Learn what is happening elsewhere in your organization–- in your unit, in your department, across your university – and in higher education.

4.  Understand and respect peers and staff, listen to their ideas and opinions.

5.  Be fair.

6.  Help staff understand the basis for decisions and see the validity of those decisions.  If they understand, they will be more confident that their contributions will be recognized and thus be more motivated and engaged.

7.  Find something in your work to take pleasure in and let that be know.  It can energize those around you.

Perhaps, there is a behavior here that you need to turn into a practice.


Have a great week.  .  .  .    jim