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Virtual Meetings Are Like Broccoli: 8 Tips for Better Virtual Project Meetings

| February 1, 2011

by Jim Bruce

Wayne Turmel, writer, speaker, president of, begins today’s reading, “Virtual Meetings Are Like Broccoli” <>, by saying “Running good meetings for remote teams is like eating our vegetables:  we know we should do it, we know how to do it, it’s critical to our health in the long run, and we rationalize our way out of it every chance we get.”

Turmel takes his “8Tips” from a longer piece by Chris LeCompte<> (LeCompte is a web designer and project manager based out of the Washington, D.C. area):

1. Only hold necessary meetings.  (Where have you heard this before!)

2.  Have a clear purpose.

3.  Clearly list your objectives.  Be very specific.

4.  Know who really needs to be there.  

5.  Prepare an agenda.  Clarity.  Details.

6.  Enforce the agenda.

7.  Identify and state action items that come from the meeting – what, who, when.

8.  Follow up.  Team leaders have the responsibility of making sure that the action items are really completed.

Say, this really makes a good list for meetings where everyone is sitting around the same table.

So, the next time you are setting up a meeting, pull this short note out and read the full post as well as LeCompte’s more detailed piece.  Also, take a look at “3 Reasons Not to Run Your Own Virtual Meetings” <>.


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