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2015 MOR Leaders Conference keynote – Chris Mayer

by Sean McDonald

From the 2015 MOR Leaders Conference, keynote Chris Mayer talks about the industry parallels between media and higher education.  In this three part video series, he prompts us to think about how education is defined and the experience will continue to change, in large part by students and employers. Universities as a whole need to understand this more than they do now, and IT, one of the key change drivers, has to earn the right to be in these discussions.

Chris was formally the Publisher of the Boston Globe and is now Chief Innovation Officer at Suffolk Construction. He is also a MOR Associates coach.

Part 1 – Video 1 of 3 looks at the dynamics of the media industry, and specifically the Boston Globe where Chris was publisher. V

Part 2 – Video 2 of 3 looks how in one media organization they went about reducing the complexity, discussing a deeper look into people and products.

Part 3 – Video 3 of 3 looks at the pace of change and the changing expectations of consumers.