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Results from an Investment with MOR

by Sean McDonald

Once MOR begins a leadership journey with someone, we never leave their side.  Or, put another way, they keep us with them.  Perhaps that’s why our organizational client retention rate this year was 100%. 

MOR minute with John Gohsman

Our clients’ trust is incredibly important to us.  We do not hold it lightly.  It is our great honor to do great things with amazing people.  That’s why we keep continuous improvement at the center of all we do.  Every year, we re-examine the MOR experience to make sure it is a game changer for leaders.  

However, as we meet new potential clients, we are understandably asked about expected results and the return on investment.  To answer these questions, we set out to explore this from our client sponsors’ perspective.  We conducted follow up surveys at the University of Michigan, the University of Iowa, Cornell University and Stanford University.  

As we reviewed the data, three clear themes stood out:

  • Improved individual skills – Investing in leadership development leads to sustainable improvements in the effectiveness of individual leaders.  This is true of people at all levels – even before they have an “official” title. 
  • Catalyzing collaboration with unexpected positive outcomes – The relationship building, skill enhancements, and common language promoted in and beyond the program results in collaborative efforts that transcend organizational and political boundaries. These collaborations produce tangible organizational outcomes.
  • Creating a cadre of change agents – Investment in leadership development can also build a cadre of change agents.  This is especially true when senior leaders recognize opportunities to enlist others in major initiatives.  Both singularly and collectively, these individuals tend to embrace the accelerating trends and can bring the energy needed to help the enterprise adapt more readily. This agility is often key to helping the organization retain or renew its value proposition.          

If you would like to see the full report please contact us. Thank you for your trust and partnership.