Asking Brilliant Questions

By: Jim Bruce

This week we return to Rick Brenner's Chaco Canyon newsletter for the column "Asking Brilliant Questions".  Throughout the leaders program we encourage participants to ask questions:  You do that as you are being present, you do it in meetings to draw out information from your colleagues, you do that as you coach.  In this column, Rick suggests seven types of questions you may find helpful as you work to move projects forward. 


Have a great week.  .  .  .  .     jim

What I Know Now

By: Jim Bruce

As I was reading the current issue of Fast Company, I ran across a

longer column reporting on a conversation with Joe Kraus on what he

now knows.  Kraus was a founder of Excite that in 1996 became one of the

biggest tech IPOs ever.  At 33 he is not starting Jotspot, a hosted

Internet service that allows anyone to create and edit Web pages.


I thought you might find his lessons instructive.



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