Leading and Managing in the time of COVID-19

By: Jim Bruce

Tuesday Readings for the past four weeks have focused on how we can best work during the pandemic which now envelops all of us. Brian McDonald began this series by urging us to “get on the balcony to think strategically and play out the different scenarios.” He also noted that “communicating is a key responsibility” and urged leaders “to be self-observing about how you lead.”

Confidence, self-defeat, and the circus

By: David Sweetman

[Today’s Tuesday Reading is by Dr. David Sweetman, MOR Associates Leadership Coach and Consultant.  David may be reached at]

In my experience coaching, teaching, and leading, one of the greatest limits to our potential are self-defeating assumptions.  In the words of the great automotive pioneer Henry Ford, Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.


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